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Step 1: Create the submission online account and log in to submission system.

Step 2: Choose journal section from drop down menu.

  • - Original article
  • - Brief research note
  • - Clinical case report
  • - Review
  • - Others

Step 3: Enter the Submission Metadata: Fill up carefully all the fields as shown in the Template below: 

Use the [Add Author] button to display additional form fields to add more authors after the first one. Enter the authors name as shown in the “Title page” of the manuscript. Capitalize the first letter of the ‘First, Middle and Last” name.

Step 4: Enter Title and Abstract: Enter the Title and Abstract carefully in the fields shown in the Template below. Use the “Copy and Paste” Button of the MS WORD document to paste the abstract into the fields. 

Step 5: Upload the Manuscript, Figure/Image and Cover letter files: Select and upload your main Manuscript/Figure/ Cover letter files.
Use the [Browse …] button to locate the file on your computer.
Then hit the [Upload] button. Wait for the page to reload itself.

 Do not Click any other button until upload is complete. Using ‘Edit’ button you can remove the file and add new or revised/correct file. 

Step 6: Confirming the Submission Before hitting the [confirm the submission] button, be sure to check that everything is in order from the File summary Template.
If everything is in order – HIT the [CONFIRM] button.

You’re done. Confirmation will be sent to your email. You will be able to follow your submission, review and publishing process on the site after proper log in.