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Authors should carefully read the Submission Guidelines prior to online submission of the manuscript.

The IMC Journal of Medical Science provides an electronic submission system for the authors. The corresponding author must set up an IMCJMS account to submit the manuscript online. 


The author may also submit the manuscript to the editor by email as attached files fulfilling the required criteria. 

The submission process consists of THREE files: 

  1. Manuscript
  3. Figure/Image file (if any)
  5. Cover letter
Manuscript: This is the text of the article formatted in sections as outlined in the Author Guidelines. The file must be in MS WORD format (.doc or.docx), Font – Times New Roman, size -12pt. Table should be incorporated within the text at the appropriate section and place. Manuscript text should not contain Figures/Images. But, the Figure number (Fig 1, Fig 2, etc) with legend must be incorporated in the appropriate section of the text.

Figure/Image file: Figure/Image must be uploaded separately. Image or Figure should not be incorporated in the main manuscript text. Follow the Author's Guideline to create the Figure /Image file. Acceptable format is .tif or .jpeg. All images MUST be at or above the intended display size.

Cover letter: Format - MS WORD (.doc/.docx). Upload cover letter separately. Include cover letter in all submission (first or revised or corrected).

Submission Checklist

Author should check the following points before starting to submit the article to IMCJMS. Submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  1. The article has neither been previously published, nor is it under consideration/revision by any other journal.
  3. The manuscript text, tables, figures, etc adhere to the style and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.
  5. The manuscript text file does not include any image.
  7. Tables are all placed in appropriate section and within the text.
  9. All the images are placed in separate files, in .tif or .jpeg file format, and prepared as per guideline stated before.
  11. All authors submitting to the IMCJMS must agree to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 InternationL License. This will allow us to publish your work as Open Access, with all the advantages implied.
  13. The cover letter should be signed by all the listed author.